Mock Walnut Bread

1. 5 garlic toes 2. 4 onions 3. salt 4. black pepper (powder) 5. 1 tsp dried black pepper 6. 1 tsp salt 7. 500g minced meat (bovine) 8. 1 glass Oi


Put oil in a pan. Cut 2 onions and let this cook in the oil until it's overcooked. Put in this pan 2 garlic toes (cutted). Add 3 glasses of water, salt and tomato paste. Let this all cook for 5 minutes. Put 2 onions, 3 garlic toes and black pepper in a blender and blend to fine. Combine minced meat and the mix from the blender. Mix this with hand and make balls, ovals (or any other shape) of it. Put these balls in the pan (on the oil and onions) and let this cook for half an hour.



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